My DSO Manager news of October, 25th 2017

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Items Status → it's now possible to set the default number of days after which the follow-up action will be triggered in Settings / Manage item status :
    Manage item status
    During the items qualification and the specific action creation, the proposed date can of course be changed.

  • A connector with Ellisphere is now available → it will allow you to see the Score and Recommended Credit directly in the customer view and thus facilitates your credit risk management.

    Ellisphere connector
    The Score and Recommended Credit changes history are visible by flying over the elements.
    You can also search theses informations, find them in the Risk Report, create alerts, ...
    Contact us to set-up the connection between Ellisphere and My DSO Manager
  • New tags #Hashtag → the tag #date_today displays the current date and the tag #date_more_X_days displays a future date based on the number indicated in place of the « X ».
    For example, #date_more_8_days will calculate a date corresponding to today plus 8 days.
    This tag is particularly relevant when you want to indicate a deadline (formal notice, ...).

  • Possible authentication via SSO (Single Sign On) → it is now possible to set-up the SSO (authentication method of users who connect via the login / passord directory of your company).
    Contact us for more information

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