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Use the Hashtag #interactive_page_button !
Mittwoch, Juni 15 2022

The interactive e-mail has multiple advantages and allows your customers to: Access to their account statement in real time in My DSO Manager and if needed can export to Excel, Get duplicates of invoices or credit notes*, * If the link to your...
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Discover our latest corporate video!
Freitag, Juni 3 2022

My DSO Manager is proud to present its latest corporate video! We make sure to showcase what makes our DNA at My DSO Manager: sharing our knowledge by combining our business expertise with an intuitive and efficient SaaS solution! Are you...
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Manage your credit risk thanks to the risk agenda!
Donnerstag, Juni 2 2022

The risk agenda is a new feature allowing you to manage customers risk thanks to automatic and manual actions available in an agenda and on the customer file. It complements and enhances existing risk functionalities, including the credit limit...
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Discover the services connected to My DSO Manager
Freitag, April 15 2022

My DSO Manager solution is interconnected with a set of service providers to bring you all the information and services needed to reach an optimal Accounts Receivable management. How does it work? To use the associated services, you must have...
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Setup alerts when AR reaches xx % of credit limit!
Donnerstag, März 31 2022

You certainly use credit limits to manage your customer outstandings as well as the related functionalities: validation workflow, risk report, scoring, etc. Anticipate the management of your credit limits! It is now possible to be alerted...
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