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My DSO Manager news of September, 27th 2018
Thursday, September 27 2018

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Setup the Collector by default in Settings / Manage collection scenarios → the collector will be automatically assigned to new customers so that it is immediately managed by the right...
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Group the collection of several customer accounts
Thursday, June 14 2018

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Group the collection of several customer accounts → you have multiple accounts for a single customer and you want to make a consolidated collection? This new feature allows more...
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Connect Creditsafe with My DSO Manager
Friday, March 2 2018

It's possible to include your Creditsafe data (« Note » and « Recommended Credit ») to your customers files using our connector « Creditsafe Connect ». This feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Creditsafe's...
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How to export data from My DSO Manager ?
Tuesday, February 13 2018

From most My DSO Manager screens and reports it is possible to export the data to Excel, with a simple click on this button: The columns separator is set by the language of your account → for English it is a comma "," for most of other...
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Why associate a Collector to your clients?
Wednesday, January 31 2018

In My DSO Manager the Collector is the person in charge of collection for one or several customers. You can assign a collector either « customer by customer » form the customer sheet, « in mass » with the help of the customer search, or by the...
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Approve your credit limits in My DSO Manager
Thursday, December 14 2017

Set a credit limit for each of your buyers allows to manage your accounts receivable according to their financial capacity and their solvency. This is a key element in the management of the risk of bad debts, which is the root cause of financial...
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My DSO Manager news of November, 15th 2017
Wednesday, November 15 2017

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Creation of a multi-criteria advanced search → It's now possible to perform searches mixing items criteria (invoices, credit notes, payments, ...) and clients (client code, collector,...
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