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My DSO Manager news of May, 17th 2021

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • New Hashtag #interactive_page_button → do you know interactive emails? This is a link included in your e-mails that allows your client to get to "his My DSO Manager environment". It can now be generated in your dunning e-mails by a button that is much more visible than the links present in the account statement!
    Button to check account statement
  • Two new connectors with My DSO Manager's partners are available :
    • Youscore is a financial information provider on companies which has the particularity of detailing the construction of the score of each business. Retrieve and exploit in My DSO Manager the key information of your customers.
    • BoondManager is a 100% customizable ERP dedicated to Digital Services Companies, IT services companies and consulting companies. Your customer and accounting data are synchronized daily and automatically between BoondManager and My DSO Manager thanks to this connector.
    ► These new connectors are added to all the services interconnected with My DSO Manager. Click on the image to see My DSO Manager Constellation:
    Constellation My DSO Manager
  • The quick search is now performed by default only on open items. A checkbox is there to search on cleared items if needed.
    Quick search

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