News My DSO Manager

My DSO Manager news of March, 7th 2019

Here are the new features recently released in My DSO Manager:

  • Customer risk management & Evolution of the Credit notation → you can now create several scoring templates with full flexibility on the number of criteria and possible answers, then choose the one you want to use for each customer.
    New credit notation
  • Associate / disassociate in mass → it is now possible to disassociate in mass a user to a customers list, as well as removing a list of customer accounts to an existing group. This new feature allows in few clicks to always have perimeters that are consistent with your organization.
    Associate / Disassociate
  • Collection Scenarios → the leader invoice (which generates at least the first action of the collection scenario) is now highlighted with a star .
  • Web services → a connector with Dun & Bradstreet (DNBi) is available and allows to retrieve key information from this financial information provider. Contact us for more information.
    Connect Dun & Bradstreet
  • Multi-entities Users & Authorization to connect to desired entities → these users creation is simplified with two steps instead of three previously. Find the related online help for more information.
    Authorize the user to connect to the desired entities

List of last topics in the online help: