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Management of users » How to manage users of your Multi-Entities accounts?

The Multi-Entities platform allows you to centralize and consolidate the receivable of the different companies that compose your group.

It is possible to create an unlimited number of users in My DSO Manager.

There are two users categories, « active » and « inactive ».

Create an active user

« Active » users will be able to logon using their own username and password, and they will be able to interact in My DSO Manager depending on their type (see the online help regarding the differents users types)

In a Multi-Entities account, active users are split in two sub-categories:
User cat multi

The « User 1 » category which accesses to the Multi-Entities, and to several entities of the platform:

This kind of user has to be created in two steps:

  1. In the Multi-Entities platform, from the Settings tab :

    New Multi user

    Then click on Add user multi

    Fill the necessary elements according to the user type, in this case a new Credit Manager :

    New Multi user

    Active account? Yes → the user has his own login an password to access the platform.

    The password must consist of 9-128 characters, have a digit, lowercase, uppercase or one special character
    For security reason it is recommanded select « Force password change on next login »

    User's email must be validated so he can sent emails from My DSO Manager:
    Email address validation
    An email is sent to the user, he has to click on the link to validate his email address on My DSO Manager.

    Then give him permission to access to the desired entities:
    Authorized to connect

  2. At the entities level :

    If you want this multi-Entities user to have an active role (eg: collector...), it is necessary to create it also in each entity with an inactive account.
    Inside the selected entities, go to the Setting tab, and add this user and his contact details, but this time select « No » for the « Active account » (The user already has an username and password)

    Add new multi user

    Repeat this operation in the other entities.

    The new user can now access and use his own My DSO Manager account, you can now send him his username and temporary password.

    If you need to change your information (phone number ...), you can modify them at the level of the multi-Entities, they will be automatically updated at the level of the entities.

The « User 2 » category which directly accesses on one entity only :

From the desired entity, go to the Setting tab, add this user and his contact details, and select « Yes » for the « Active account » in order to define an username and password so he can access to the entity.

In the same way as in the previous step 1, the user's email must be validated.

Once done, your user has access to the desired entity and can act in My DSO Manager, you can send him his username and temporary password.

Create an inactive user

The creation method is identical to the active users one, but by selecting No in "Active account?".

Unlike to active user, if he has to be visible in multiple entities, it's not necessary to create him at the Multi-Entities level → it must be created directly in each entity.

This user category makes possible to quickly add this person as a copy of an email, or send him an internal interactive email:
Internal contact

He can also be associated to one or several customers accounts:
Internal actor association

This association then allows you to filter your customers accounts and reports by the associated person.

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