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Collect in My DSO Manager » How to apply late payment penalties?

It is possible to insert in the statements of accounts and the recovery documents sent to the customer the amount of late payment penalties.

To do this, fill in your account the rate of late payment penalties that you want to use.

Then it is necessary to activate the late payment penalties for the clients you want to apply them. This is possible in three ways:

1. Inside the customer file

In this case, the activation is done customer by customer.

Customer record

2. Mass change on selected customers

This option shall be preferred when you want to apply the late payment penalties to a customer list according to some criteria. Go to customer researchLink, fill in your search criteria, then select customers and enable the late payment penalties.


Tips → once the desired selection is done, you can add the page to your favorites in your internet browser. Then, simply click on it to find this selection again.

3. From the preferences, to enable by default the late payment penalties

The late payment penalties will be automatically activated on any new customer. This set up has to be done from the « Settings » tab, « Manage collection scenarios », « Settings »:


Late penalties will now appear in the statement of account in customer record and in the account statements sent to customers by email or mail. They are applied to invoices only, excluding disputed items. Miscellaneous transactions will not have late payment penalties calculated to.

→ You can use now the #Hashtag to include the late penalties and/or recovery cost from your collection :

  • #items_amount_overdue_include_late_penalties to retrieve the total amount of due invoices plus payment penalties and/or recovery cost.

  • #items_amount_late_penalties that display the amount of late penalties and/or recovery cost

Late penalties and/or recovery cost will be displayed in the customer file and on the items list only if they are activated in the customer file

→ Or the following #Hashtag to exclude the late penalties and/or recovery cost, for example from your first reminders :

  • #items_list_overdue_exclude_late_penalties that display the statement of account of due invoices without calculating the late penalties and/or recovery cost

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