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Create reminder templates that fit best your brand!

Create reminder templates that fit best your brand!Discover the almost endless possibilities in My DSO Manager to create your e-mail templates, letters, SMS or Electronic Registered Letters (ERL).

They must be both relevant and attractive in order to convey the image you want to impress on your business relations.

  • Relevant to communicate the right information to your customers so that they pay your invoices.
  • Attractive to improve the image and credibility of your company, and make it stand out among the many suppliers of your customers.
Collection actions thus become an essential commercial vector that contributes to enhancing attractiveness and the uniqueness of your business.

Example of an interactive follow-up email

Setup and customization screen:

Email template creation

Preview before sending:

Email template creation

Thanks to the #Hashtags, the HTML editor included in the software, advanced functionalities allowing for example to reproduce the standard signature of your company, you can in a few clicks create your own models with complete freedom.

The flexibility of My DSO Manager is the only guarantee of the quality of the collection carried out and of the image of your company, which must certainly appear to be more human than robotic, more fluid and relevant than soporiphic.