News My DSO Manager

News of MY DSO MANAGER (Monday, October 5 2015)

Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER:

  • Two recovery media have been added:
    • Dunning by SMS
      Like for other actions, you define the content of the SMS with text and #Hashtags in your collection scenarios and then you can send them through your collection agenda

      (to use this feature, you must open an account with an SMS provider such as Clickatell or Esendex : more information here)
      The SMS action can be set as an automatic action !
    • Dunning by Fax  
      It works like for the dunning letters: A PDF file will be generated from your recovery models, and then you will be able to send it via your fax.

  • You can now upload several logos for your company to customize your letters and e-mails
    Click here to add logos to your account
  • Dates of upload and modification of customer and items (invoices, ...) are now visible when you "edit" the document

List of new topics in the online help: