News My DSO Manager

Customize My DSO Manager according to your needs!

My DSO Manager is a very flexible solution that easily allows customization on request:

  • Customized URL and login page
    Customized URLYou can customize the URL used to access your platform by inserting the name of your company and create a custom login page for all of your users.

  • Your company logo
    Your logoYour company logo will be placed in the top left bar instead of our logo.

  • Company accounts aggregation to manage Multiple Entities of the same group
    Multi-EntitiesYou are a group of several legal entities? Our Multi-Entities platform helps to bring together and consolidate the receivable of the all companies on a single platform from which you can access each account.

  • Import custom fields from your customers master data and for accounting open items (invoices, credit ...)
    Custom fields

  • Then use these fields in reports, customer sheets and in items details
    Some fields could be used as analytical filters in reports (aging balance, DSO report, disputes ...)

  • Possible interaction with your DMS (Document Management System)
    A link to your invoices PDF can be set up in My DSO Manager

  • Authentication via SSO (Single Sign-On)
    If you have authentication management over SSO, we can connect it so that your users will use the login and password of your company

  • ...