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How to use multiple logos?

To allow your customers to visually and immediately identify your company, you can add your logo in My DSO Manager.

It is possible to configure up to ten logos, which can be inserted in your letters, faxes and follow-up emails.

Please go to My accountLink, section My company to add your different logos.

Only users with an Administrator profile can update this information.

1. Main logo

In My AccountLink, My Company, select in the drop-down list My main company logo and click on Browse to select the desired image. Check the box "Display your company's logo in letters" in order to insert your main logo in your mails and faxes:


2. Other logos

If you want to use another logo on a particular letter, please follow the steps below :

Step 1

From the drop-down list, select My company logo (number 2) and click on Browse button.
Choose the corresponding logo by retrieving it on your computer and click on the Modify button to save your choice:


Step 2

Then use the corresponding #Hashtag, here #my_company_logo2, to integrate the logo into the body of the letter:


Logo n°2 is automatically inserted in the letter replacing the main logo. You can check it by clicking on « Dunning letter preview ».

You can also use these logos in your emails and in your email signature by using the corresponding #Hashtag.
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