News My DSO Manager

My DSO Manager news of September, 27th 2018

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Setup the Collector by default in Settings / Manage collection scenarios → the collector will be automatically assigned to new customers so that it is immediately managed by the right person.
    The Collection scenario by default, can also be set up at the same place.
    Collection scenario settings

  • My DSO Manager is now compatible with the Google SSO (Single Sign On → users automatic authentication system without username and password). Contact us for more information.
    SSO Google

  • New #Hashtag available about overdue amount calculation and statements of accounts sent to customers:

    • #items_list_monthly → consolidated monthly statement by due date with subtotals
      Balise items_list_monthly

    • #items_list_overdue_exclude_specific_actions → statement of account excluding items managed with a specific action.
    • #items_amount_overdue_exclude_specific_actions → overdue amount excluding items managed with a specific action.

List of last topics in the online help: