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What is the action out of collection scenario?

It is possible from the customer record, "Collection & disputes management" tab to perform an action out of collection scenario.

action hors scenario

This feature allows to send an email, a letter or a simple SMS without following a pre-established recovery scenario or a previously created specific action.

This method can be applied when you know exactly what you want to do with your customer, without needing to be guided by the collection scenario.

Once selected the type of action you want, you can get the contents of an existing action, edit according to your wishes and send it.

action hors scenario

This button can be used to perform collection actions but also for communications to internal stakeholders in your business (sales managers, customer care ...).
It is also a shortcut for creating a specific action without going through the qualification of items with status and comments. For example, if you want to make a dunning action only on selected invoices, the fastest way is to select « Create a specific action » from that button.
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