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How to manage users?

In My DSO Manager, for the customized versions, it is possible to create an unlimited number of users.

There are three user categories : the « active », the « inactive » and the « multi-entities » for accounts using a Multi-Entity platform.

1. The active user

The « active » user will be able to connect directly to the entity in which you created him and only to it, using his own username and password.

activ. user

To create this type of user, from the relevant entity, go to Admin, Manage Users, and click « Add New User ».

Fill in the necessary elements, define a role and check « Yes » in the « Active account » in order to define an identifier so that the user can connect to My DSO Manager.
→ For more information on roles: What are the user profiles?

add a user

Once clicked on "+ Add", the user automatically receives an email from My DSO Manager informing him of the creation of his account, giving him his login ID and inviting him to create his own password.

We recommend using a complex password containing numbers, upper and lower letters and special characters

The user must carry out this operation within a maximum period of 30 days. Beyond this period, his account will be automatically inactivated.

Your user is now visible in the list, and will be able to connect once he has created his password from the email received. If necessary, you can click on the message visible under their email address to generate a new password creation request.

2. The inactive user

This category of users allows you to quickly add this person as a copy of an email, send him an interactive internal email, and also associate him with one or more customer accounts.

Inactiv. user

Associating a colleague with a client allows you to filter your accounts and reports using this criteria.

The creation logic is identical to that of the active users, but by ticking « No » to the question "Active account?".

3. The Multi-Entities user

The « Multi-Entities » user will be able to connect to the Multi-Entities platform of My DSO Manager using his own login and password, and access one or more of your entities

Multi User

→ For more information on the « Multi-Entities » user: How to manage users of your Multi-Entities accounts?
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