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What are the internal interactive emails?

The internal interactive emails makes it possible to interact with the colleagues within your company concerning certain invoices or accounting documents. It is not intended for your customers!

It is particularly suitable for the disputes management or to request the intervention of a colleague. This last one is invited to click on one of the items numbers listed in the email and respond directly via My DSO Manager's internal interactive page.

These comments are then sent automatically by email to the account's collector. He then has the possibility to validate them to insert them in the history of the concerned items.

It is a very powerful communication tool to speed up the disputes resolution. The internal interactive emails allows the concentration in one place of the exchanges between the various stakeholders, without having for these last one the needs to have a My DSO Manager account.

Example of using the internal interactive emails for the dispute management:

Step 1 In case of dispute (commercial, quality ...) on invoices, the first step is to select and qualify the relevant items with the appropriate status.
→ For more information: How to create and close a dispute case?

Step 2 You can then send an internal interactive email with the information entered to the person in charge of the resolution. This email will be saved in the client's history:

Internal email

Step 3The recipient is invited to click on the item number for more information and respond to this request via the internal interactive page:

Internal email

He can visualize on this page the items concerned by the dispute, as well as the status and the associated comments:

Internal email

He can reply / send a comment by clicking on the blue button at the bottom left of the page. Then, writing his answer:

Internal email

Step 4 Once the comment is sent, the collector receives an email from My DSO Manager with the comment:

Internal email

If no collector is assigned to the customer account, the email will be sent by default to the administrator of your platform.

This comment can be automatically integrated to the concerned item with a simple click on the link contained in the email. The comment appears in the item history, marked by the icon of the internal interactive email:

Internal email

Other possible uses:

  • Scenario action:

    It is possible to define in the collection scenarioLink that an action is an internal interactive email.
    This is particularly relevant for a « request for the sales manager to intervene » action.
    To activate it, just check the box created for this purpose:

    Internal email

    In the same way as for disputes, the recipient will be able to access the internal interactive page and thus interact with the collector directly.

  • Action out of the collection scenario :

    Emails out of the collection scenario created from the customer file can also be internal interactive.
    These emails make it possible to solicit a colleague from the client file on any subject:

    Internal email

    → For more information: What is the action out of collection scenario?

The interactive internal emails should not be used for your customers, you would give them access to viewing the internal comments of their items.
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