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The internal interactive emails allow to interact with the employees of his company concerning some invoices or accounting documents.

It is particularly suitable for the disputes management or to request the intervention of a salesman. The recipient can click on a link in the email and reply directly via the dedicated page in My DSO Manager.

His comments are sent automatically by email to the sender who can validate them and insert them in the items history.

internal interactive emails are a powerful communication tool to speed up the resolution of disputes by concentrating in one place the exchanges between the various stakeholders. Further, they don't need a My DSO Manager access to comment which makes easier the communication!

Example with disputes management:

  1. In case of dispute (commercial, quality...), the first step is to select items concerned and then to qualify them with the appropriate status.
    → see How to create and close a dispute?Link.

  2. The second step is to send an email containing the information entered to a resolver. This email can be internal interactive. It is saved in the history of the account and at the level of the specific action of dispute follow-up:

    Internal emails

    Internal email

  3. The recipient can respond by clicking on the items numbers in the received email, once done the icone ok is displayed.

    Landing page with status details and comments:

    Internal email

    The resolver can view here the items concerned by the dispute as well as the status and the associated comments. He can respond by clicking on the blue button:

    Internal email

  4. Once the comments have been sent, the sender receives an email from My DSO Manager including the details of the return and a link to automatically integrate the comment in the items history:
    NB: If no collector is assigned to the customer, the email will be sent by default to your platform administrator

    Internal email

    If he clicked on the link, the comments are automatically integrated and the internal interactive comment icon appears on the items to highlight that one or more returns have been made:

    Internal email

Other uses:

  • Collection scenario actions: It is possible in collection scenariosLink to set internal interactive emails. This is particularly relevant for a « Request for Salesman Intervention » action. Just check the box created for this purpose:

  • Internal email

  • Action out of collection scenarioLink : Emails out of collection scenario created from the customer sheet can also be « internal interactive ». They allow you to solicit a colleague from the customer account on any subject.

  • Internal email

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