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What are the users roles?

There are several user roles in My DSO Manager who do not grant the same access rights.

All the functions present in your company will be able to access the application, thus allowing you to involve all the stakeholders in cash collection.

List of user roles:

  • Administrator : person responsible of the platform, in charge of the technical part.
  • Credit Manager : key user, in charge of set-up and administration of the platform.
  • Collector : main user of the tool, in charge of the cash collection.
  • Sales manager : main collector's support, privileged contact of your customers.
  • Sales administration, Financial controller, Executive officer : those roles can view accounts receivable.
  • Guest : restricted access that only allows to consult the global view and reports.

« No » as default, can be changed by administrator

The rights to import data with Smart Upload module are defined by the administrator when hecreates the userLink by checking the box "Can upload data?".
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