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How to manage your credit insurance?

It is possible to manage a lot of information from your credit insurer in My DSO Manager. These can be imported into the customer data file or manually inserted on your platform by editing the customer accounts.

The amount of coverage granted by the insurer (permanent and / or temporary) is taken into account in the calculation of the credit risk.

Operating mode

1 Fill your credit insurer name in My account. This enables to activate all of the features related to credit insurance.

My account

2 Import or insert information related to your credit policy with the available fields:

  • Insurer guarantee amount
  • Temporary guarantee amount
  • Starting date of the temporary guarantee
  • Ending date
  • Insurer reference
  • Guarantee type*
  • Insurer rating*
  • Guarantees currency*
*Fields available only by importing the customers data file

Then find these values in the « Risk report » tab of each customer account:

Risk tab

The total amount of the guarantee includes the insurer guarantee amount plus the temporary guarantee if it is valid (compared to the validity dates).
3 Manage your exposure against your guarantees at the customer account level, in the Risk reportLink and with the AlertsLink (possibility of creating alerts if the outstanding amount exceeds the amount covered by the insurer, etc.).
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