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Disputes reporting » What is the disputes reporting?

The disputes report reveals both the volume of disputes in number and amount splitted by type (administrative, quality, price ...). It shows the average time for resolving disputes and their breakdown by customer or customer group.

So it is an operational tool to identify the main causes of disputes and undertake action plans to solve them quickly.

You can customize this report by collector and internal actor (sales manager, customer care person...), which allows to easily browse disputes associated with them.

The top of the report is composed by a global view in the form of a chart and two indicators that that shows the results of the selected perimeter:

Report customers claims

If the filter is activated on a particular type of dispute, you can view the evolution of this type of dispute, by amount of receivables or number of items concerned:

Report customers claims

As with the others reports, you can set a date to, for example, view the dispute status at an earlier date:

Report customers claims

The second part of the report is the list of clients who have at least an invoice having a status of « Dispute » and allows to zoom in on the relevant invoices and the details of the dispute case.

The dispute rate helps identify customers with whom the proportion of disputes is highest. This helps to understand the causes of this situation and take appropriate measures to improve it.

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