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How to manage disputes types?

Disputes represent all the reasons invoked by the customer for the non payment of a debt and whose resolution belongs to the seller.

The collector must identify the dispute and send it to a resolver (for example, sales manager in case of a dispute regarding the invoiced price).

There can be several types of disputes: following types are included natively in My DSO Manager, and you can customize them: How to manage statuses?.:

  • administrative dispute: includes causes such as billing problems (bad wording, order number missing...) or lack of document (bill of lading...)
  • price dispute: corresponds to disagreements over the price charged
  • quality dispute: gathers disputes whose cause is malfunction of equipment delivered or services performed
  • missing material dispute: problem of quantity of delivered goods
You can create as many types of disputes as you like depending on the specificities of your business and your customers. They are managed in the Settings - Manage item statutesLink.
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