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Terms and conditions: our deontology

Recovery management practices need to be above reproach both for ethics and effectiveness of actions done.

MY DSO MANAGER undertakes for more ethics in the debts collection.

The following paragraph has been added to the conditions of use of MY DSO MANAGER solution which allows to implement effective methods that are in the interest of the creditor (seller) and the debtor (buyer):

MY DSO MANAGER promotes healthy recovery practices that are respectful of companies and persons.
MY DSO MANAGER prohibits any practice that amounts to:
- Harassment: multiplication of dunning actions over a short period while nothing justifies them,
- Unsubstantiated threats: abusive threats of actions of bailiffs or lawsuits while the claim is not undisputed or that the creditor is not able to prove that the debt is not disputable.

These practices are designed to carry an excessive psychological pressure on the debtor when the creditor or the company that performs the recovery on behalf of the creditor does not have the necessary documents (purchase order, invoice, contract, delivery documents. .. etc.) to prove the undeniable character of the claim.

If such practices were found in the application, DSO MY MANAGER reserves the right to suspend and cancel immediately and without notice the subscription of the user. The user will be reimbursed for the paid and unopened month subscription. Any month started is not refundable.