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How to import your data automatically?

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Automatically import your data by FTPs or SFTP!
To benefit from this interface, use a script that will send every night (for example), or several times a day, your open items, customers, users (optional) and contacts (optional) files to our server.
This program must send CSV or TXT files (semicolon separated file in the POST data) using the identifiers, addresses and syntaxes below:
How ftp and sftp works with My DSO Manager
Compatible with many software: SAP Sage Oracle...

Login to your account via secure FTP or contact us to use SFTP

To log in, use this login and password:
You must subscribe to PRO Version to get the access codes


  1. Use the same CSV files you used during manual import « Smart Upload »
  2. Name them so that MY DSO MANAGER knows what type of file is sent
    (clients files must begin with "clients", items files by "items" and contacts files with "contacts")
  3. Send theses files
  4. The data are instantly processed and updated in your account. The file you sent is replaced with a report file that tells you if everything went well and how many changes have been done.

Overview using FileZilla software to transfer your files:

This overview shows a manual import but you shall make it automatically by creating a script that sends CSV files.
Filezilla preview to import CSV files

How to automate transfer via secure FTP:

Send with curl (Windows, Linux):
curl -u login:password --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -T clients.csv
Send with LFTP (Linux, Windows via cygwin):
lftp -e "set ftp:prefer-epsv no; put clients.csv; quit" -u login,password
Send with WinSCP (Windows): /ini=nul /command "open ftpes://" "put clients.csv" "exit"
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