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Embracing Diversity: Polish Platform Launch!

We're excited to announce the Polish version of our platform, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

This growth demonstrates our commitment to serving a diverse global audience, making our platform more user-friendly and accessible to all.

With Polish now among our supported languages, we're improving the user experience for our growing community and ensuring smooth interaction for everyone.

Switching your platform's language setting in a secondSwitching your platform's language setting

Why Polish?

My DSO Manager has unblocked new markets and opportunities among polish-speaking credit management community. We hope to reduce language barriers for these credit managers and allow them to interact with our services in their preferred language.

We aim for everyone to easily connect, work together, and use all the services on our platform, regardless of their language.

Enhanced multilingual functionality

Now, customers can use Polish along with other supported languages to access all available capabilities. Whether you're in your dunning process, consulting different dashboards, reviewing INSIGHTS reports, handling disputes, checking customer account receivable status, etc., the platform's capabilities are more diversified and flexible than ever before.

Global view of KPIs in PolishGlobal view of KPIs
Customer account receivable
Customer account receivable

User-Friendly Interface

Account receivables professionals who speak Polish will find it easier to navigate the platform now. The interface has been deliberately designed to seamlessly incorporate Polish, resulting in a natural and user-friendly experience. From collection to the automatic actions of the dunning process to client and report risk management, we've endeavored to make the platform seem like a home for all credit management-related users, regardless of language choice.

Community Collaboration

We think that a diverse and active community is the foundation of our platform's success.
We are excited to facilitate collaborative discussions among different stakeholders from varied language backgrounds when working in the same environment of credit management, no matter where they are exactly located!
We are devoted to consistently extending our functionalities, meeting user demands, and improving the overall user experience.

Finally, we are delighted to welcome the Polish language to our platform's linguistic repertoire. Thank you for trusting or joining us on this exciting journey as we continue to expand and enhance our platform, making it a genuinely inclusive and innovative arena for all credit managers globally.