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Interview with Alexandre Bouavongs from ProFid

Alexandre Bouavongs - Corporate executive
Alexandre Bouavongs
Corporate executive
Could you introduce ProFid?
Publisher and integrator of applications for automotive distributors and repairers.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
  • Easy to set up
  • Clarity in the dashboard
  • Intuitive for users
  • Sharing of information between internal departments
  • Quickly measurable efficiency (dso evolution, ageing balance, etc.).

What would you say about the support of the My DSO Manager team?
It's excellent!

What performance improvements have you seen?
On dso and outstandings.

What do you expect from My DSO Manager in the future?
May it last!

What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
Don't hesitate! It's a very good choice.

What are the three strong points of My DSO Manager?
  • Simple to set up
  • Synthetic
  • Efficient.