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How to create your CSV files with Excel?

Create your data upload CSV files is simple.

Perform an extraction of your accounting tool for receivable items, or your CRM tool for clients and contacts, in ExcelExcel.

Make sure the first line contains a description of the column (for example below an SAP extraction).
You will be able to associate the description with the corresponding field of My DSO Manager when importing the file with Smart UploadLink.
Creating a CSV import file

Then select in ExcelExcel Save as and choose this ExcelExcel type: CSV (Comma delimited.
Creation of a csv file

Your CSV file is created. You can import your data in My DSO Manager with the import module Smart UploadLink.
→ More information: How to import your data (clients, receivable, ...) with a file (CSV, TXT, or XLS) via our « Smart Upload » module.

Feel free to use our import files templates:
How to create your import files with ExcelExcel?
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