News My DSO Manager

My DSO Manager news of March, 4th 2021

Several technical and functional evolutions were recently added in My DSO Manager, while waiting for another to come soon and which will be much more visual!

  • Credit risk management → the formatting of changes in credit limits, insurer guarantees, and other scoring coming from financial information providers has been optimized for better readability.
    Formatting of changes in amounts
  • Security about link with Document Management Systems → it is now possible to define a validity period for the links included in your collection e-mails that point to the PDFs of your invoices.
    Define validity periods
  • Users list export → it is now possible for the "administrator" role to export users to Excel. The objective is to facilitate the control of the people who can login on your platform, in particular if you have not set up the Single Sign On authentication method.
    Export to Excel
  • Users management → the association of users with their customers portfolio can be done manually, via the "customers" data file or now through a dedicated "users" file to import with Smart Upload, FTP/SFTP or API.
    Import users file

List of last topics in the online help: