Are you short of resources ?

We can provide you with a solution by putting at your service for a fixed period the business expertise of immediately available collaborators, trained in recovery techniques, as well as in the optimal use of My DSO Manager: you will work with expert agents who will boost your performance.


Boost your performance


Without commitment, tailor-made, the best choice of resources :

  • Immediate improvement of your DSO
  • Customized litigation management
  • Adapted and scalable management of customer reminders
  • Optimization of your internal processes
  • Regular points for reporting analysis and areas for improvement (B.I. tool support)

Take advantage of resources formatted to your needs

  • A solid team with a strong working hours
  • Agents who are bilingual
  • A quality unit for internal control
  • Credit committees tailored to your needs
  • Guaranteed knowledge of the features of My DSO Manager

A simple solution to strengthen your strike force and speed up your cash collection