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How to assign a collector to a client?

The collector is the person in charge of the collection on a customer account.

There are several possibilities to set or modify the collector allocated to your customers:

1. Inside the customer file

This method allows modification over time, as needed. Click on the little blue pen at the top right of your customer file, then select the desired collector in the drop-down menu:

customer file collect.

2. Mass change on selected customers

This option shall be preferred when you want to change the collector of a customers list according to some criteria. Go to the ClientsLink tab:

Step 1 Search

Fill in your search criteria, or copy/paste a list of customer accounts from ExcelExcel (or other tool) in the Company code field:

Customer search

Tips → once the desired selection is done, you can add the page to your favorites in your internet browser. Then, simply click on it to find this selection again.

Step 2 Collector assignment

Display and select all the customers, then assign them the desired collector (at the bottom of the page):

Collect. assignement loading=

If one or several accounts with a AR <> 0 do not have collectors assigned, an alert is displayed in CollectionLink tab.
Just click on this alert to get the list of accounts concerned. Find also this criteria in Insights tab.

3. From the settings, to set the default collector

All new customers will be automatically assigned to the default collector. This set up has to be done from Settings, Manage collection scenariosLink, tab Settings:

Preferences default coll.

4. Mass change by importing customer data

When this information is available in your ERP, it is possible to import the collector when importing customer data. Contact us so that we can set up your platform:

Contact us

When the modifications are done, corresponding collections actions will be displayed on collector's agenda.
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