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How to create a dunning action with only selected items of customer account?

In some cases, it may be necessary to include only some items of customer account in your collection document (email, mail...).

To do so, go to the customer sheet and click the button "New action (out of collection scenario)", then "Create a specific action" :

Dunning action on selected items

Select the items you want in your collection document and click « Next » :

Dunning action on selected items

If your customer account has a large number of transactions, it is preferable to carry out an advanced search to filter the transactions according to the desired criteria recherche.
Select the filtered transactions and click on the button recherche to create a specific action (no need to qualify items with a status, just click « Next »).

Create your collection action (action type, date...) using #Hashtag dedicated to this type of action:
  • #items_amount_selected: displays the amount of the selected items.
  • #items_amount_selected_include_late_penalties : calculates the total receivable amount including late payment penalties and/or recovery cost of selected items (if enabled in the customer record)
  • #items_amount_selected_late_penalties : calculates the total late payment penalties and/or recovery cost of selected items (if enabled in the customer record)
  • #items_list_selected : displays a statement that includes only the selected items.

action sur certaines pièces

Make an preview and validate, your specific action including only selected items is created. You can send it now or later.

You can visualize in one click items attached to your specific action:

Act. spécifique

It is possible to retrieve the content of an existing action to avoid having to create from scratch your email, or postmail. It is therefore particularly interesting to create in SettingsLink a collection scenario dedicated to create templates for specific action including above #Hashtag.

Tips : Note that there are pre-defined templates in Settings / Manage collection scenarios that you can retrieve and use.
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