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Use Hashtag #my_company_signature

It is now possible to define in the Settings / Manage collection scenarios a standardized and fully customizable signature for your company.

Then simply add the hashtag #my_company_signature into each of your email or mail templates and it will be consistently reflected.

Why customize your signature?

Cash collection is first and foremost a communication issue! With My DSO Manager, you communicate the right information to the right people at the right time. The quality of the reminders' design, including the signature, increases the efficiency and relevance of your actions.

This feature allows you to reproduce your company's email signature with its font, format and images (logo, social network buttons, etc.).

How to personalize your signature?

From your My DSO Manager space, go to Settings and click on "Manage collection scenarios".

Hashtag My company signature

Then click on the "Preferences" tab:

Hashtag My company signature

Finally, fill in the necessary fields:

Hashtag My company signature

Click the blue "Preview" button to see how your custom signature will look.

Go further by viewing and editing your signature html code (click on the rightmost icon in the editor to display the source).

How to add your signature to your reminders?

To add your signature to your reminders, use the Hashtag #my_company_signature in the body of the e-mail:

Hashtag My company signature

Do you want to use other Hashtags tags?

Check out the list of available Hashtag tags right now in your My DSO Manager cash collection software!