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My DSO Manager takes off with Aéroports de Paris!

Let's begin take off, Groupe ADP is departing on a new adventure with My DSO Manager

In the second half of 2023, My DSO Manager won a public tender for the entire Paris Airport Group! This marks a new victory for the company that publishes the eponymous software, which was hosted at the Tarmac in Montbonnot from 2017 to 2019.

A global enterprise victory for the SAAS software

This highly competitive consultation brought together the leading French and international players in the market for customer relationship digitalization solutions. My DSO Manager handled these without faltering and was chosen because of the quality of its software. The support of its team of credit management experts, as well as the high level of security and confidentiality of data are all important considerations taken into account.

This is how the software was installed across all French subsidiaries. The rollout for Groupe ADP's foreign subsidiaries has already begun. The twenty-seven airports owned by ADP generate a total revenue of $5 billion. This amounts to more than ten billion euros in real estate assets across all continents combined.

This confirms the french's company position as a reference solution for managing accounts receivable of companies in France and abroad. It is used by 1600 businesses of varying sizes. My DSO Manager has become the preferred choice for small businesses and multinational corporations in 85 countries. By 2023, the platform had managed more than €100 billion in receivables.

My DSO Manager digitalizes customer relationship management globally.

Collaborative SaaS software enables each participant in the business relationship to obtain the information they require in real time. This improves cash flow and profitability, internal processes, financial relationships, and customer satisfaction.

My DSO Manager is more than just a digital management tool; it integrates with numerous third-party solutions. The company's fundamental principles include:

  • An international software entirely managed by the French team who created and updates it on a regular basis,
  • A company wholly owned by its two founders which has been profitable since the first financial year,
  • In IT, collective and personal excellence as the only direction. Implementation made with references to the Alpine style applied to IT and credit management,
  • Priority on quality customer service coupled and digital tools like 24-hour online help,
  • Communication of new features, events, and news through authentic and transparent channels.

My DSO Manager is an especially beneficial solution for businesses. The speed of implementation as well as the instant results seen in the cash flow allow for an immediate return. Efficiency and customer satisfaction amplify this effect.

To learn more about My DSO Manager, a company with about twenty employees based in Meylan, and about ADP:

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