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Any need for commercial and financial investigation? Receive INTERSUD enquiries from My DSO Manager!

Proper customer and supplier risk management is the primary objective of business intelligence.

Intersud provides a particularly effective way of optimizing the risk of non-payment based on relevant and current information!

This is why analysts at Intersud query, collect and analyze, on a daily basis, the right information beyond balance sheets and income statements.

With the approach of providing a superior quality service, My DSO Manager and Intersud got closer to allow you to order and then receive a survey directly in your My DSO Manager software!

On the customer file, click on "Order an Intersud report:

Intersud survey

Then define the type of survey you want and the deadline:

Intersud survey

Here we go! As soon as the report is ready, you will receive an e-mail telling you that the required document is available for download directly on the customer file in My DSO Manager!

Thus, all the information necessary for your risk analyzes is accessible in a single place in My DSO Manager, which allows unparalleled fluidity and efficiency.

How to activate this feature?

Simply by contracting with INTERSUD by filling in this contact form.
We will then activate the connector on your My DSO Manager platform.
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