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The interactive emails allows your customers to access their statement of account on My DSO Manager by clicking a link in your recovery emails.

They can then post comments on each bill that, if approved by the collector, will appear in the account balance on the customer sheet.

Enable interactive emails

The first step is to use this feature is to activate it at the customer sheet by clicking the edit button:Edit customer sheet then the dedicated field Enable interactive dunning.

Therefore, account statements inserted in recovery emails include a link allowing your customer to interact with you via My DSO Manager.

It is also possible to enable interactive emails in mass via customer researchLink.
The link is on open items numbers:

Mass update clients

By clicking on a link, your customer arrives on his dedicated page on My DSO Manager:

Client interactive page

He has access to some indicators, a statement of account as well as information about your company (address, bank details, contact ...).

He can enter a comment on the invoices he has selected, once done the icone ok is displayed.

These comments are sent by email to the collector who can validate them. If he does, the comments appears on customer statement of account, next to the status of the concerned item. The presence of a customer comment is identified in a glance with the icon Icon customer comment. Simply click on it to view the comment, the date on which it was made and by whom.
NB: If no collector is assigned to the customer, the email will be sent by default to your platform administrator

Your customer can also export the data present on the interactive page to ExcelExcel : Export to xl

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