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How to manage customers payment profiles?

The payment profile represents your customer payment behavior and it's illustrated by a flag near your customer's information.
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It allows you to quickly visualize in which category your customers are positioned, and helps with the collection strategy and decision-making in credit management.

Global view paymt behavior

The payment profile is defined according to the average payment delay (calculated over six rolling months) and it is configurable according to your criteria.

For this, you have to go to Settings / Manage payment profilesLink :

Manage paymt profile

Choose your payment profile name, the condition according to the average payment delay, insert a comment if you wish, and choose a flag color :

Create a paymnt profile

The flag is displayed in most screens. By flying over it you will find the definition and the average payment delay of the customer :

Fly over flag

You can also sort the information by payment profile, so that collector can, for example, prioritize collection according to this criteria:

Sort by paymnt profile

or also:

  • integrate payment profile to your searches and alerts
  • assign collection scenarios according to the payment profile
  • sort customers lists
  • ...
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