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How to use actions graphs?

Actions graphs provide with an overview of the actions to do, the actions completed and future actions.

Afficher graphique actions

They enable you to control your collection agenda and to ensure that actions are carried out in due time.

Each graph can be displayed in number of actions or amount, as well as by period ranging from one week to several months.
The type of actions (email, mail, SMS, telephone ...) is also represented in the columns of charts to visualize the types of the most used actions.

Graphs are filterable by collector, by type of action and client groups. Once the scope defined, details of actions appears below the graph.
For example, if you are in the « Actions history » tab and you look at the chart of actions performed, you can see the content of each action (eg emails sent) below the graph:

Actions graph

The graph « Actions to do » displays the actions that must be performed and their seniority:

To do actions graph

The actions forecast graph displays actions whose date is in the future:

Actions forecast graph

These three charts allow to visualize the realized recovery work and that is to perform. They are important management tools and are complementary to other indicators (% qualified receivables, aging analysis, cash receipt report ...) to ensure the optimum management of trade receivables.
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