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Items status report » What is the items status report?

The report Items status reflects graphically and in value the statuses applied to invoices and other items types.

It displays by default the breakdown of overdue receivable by type of status (litigation, ongoing, promise to pay, dispute, dispute resolved) and details of the statuses when a status type is selected.

Global view:

Report qualification

Zoom on a status type « Promise to pay », showing the detail of the statuses:

Report qualification

It's also possible to visualize the statuses trend. This approch is particularly relevent to see improvements or deterioration of performance on multiple axes and to highlight the root causes of late payments and their trend.

Report qualification trend

As the others reports you can set a date to, for example, display the status situation on a previous date.

The qualified receivable ratio shows the share (in value) of overdue receivables that is qualified with a status. It ensures that all outstanding receivables are monitored.

When a status type is selected, for example « Promise to pay », the indicator shows the rate of overdue bills that are concerned by a promise of payment.

It's also possible to display all the unqualified overdue items by selecting the Type of status [ None ] in order to take the necessaries actions on these invoices.

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