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How to import your customers master data?

Importing your customer data is done in a few clicks via our import module Smart Upload.

Data preparation

Make an extraction of your sales management tool (where your customer data is located) in ExcelExcel. Save the file in .csv or .txt format on your computer.

Example of a .csv file containing customer data:

Example customer data file

My DSO Manager needs a minimum of information to work properly.

For customer data, it is:

  • customer code: this is the key that does the link between customers and open items (receivable)
  • business name

The best is to import complete information including mailing address, legal identifier, the payment term granted, the means of payment ... and all useful information available in your system to manage receivables.

Each new import creates new customers and updates the information of existing customers if their data has changed.

Use the « Groups » field to create your customer groups. For example, if you want to create groups of customers by sales office, associate your field « Sales Office » (present in your file) with the « Groups » field. Customers groups will be created automatically. It is possible to create several groups for a single customer (add data separated by a comma in your field).The management of « Groups » can also be done directly in My DSO Manager.
→ For more information: What is a Group and how to assign it to your customers?

Import of the « Customers » file

Go to our import module Smart Upload: Import / Export your dataLink.

Select the file by clicking the button provided for this purpose and select « Customers ». Then click the « Submit » button.

Template of csv file

The first time you import, it is necessary to indicate to My DSO Manager what is the information in your file by assigning to each column a field present in the application.


Example import file

Once completed and verified your settings, click the « Import » button at the bottom of the page, and your data is integrated.

This setting is to be done only once since it is recorded by My DSO Manager and you will not have to do it again the next time you import customer data.

My DSO Manager can integrate six specific fields on the customized version. Please contact us for more information:

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