News My DSO Manager

News My DSO Manager → formatting of postmail letters, multi-entity reports and currencies management

Please find below the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Improvement concerning the formatting of postmail letters → it is now possible to simply add style effects to your mails (colors, bold, etc.)
    Dunning letter formatting
  • Manage your account's currencies conversion rates → by checking this option, all existing rates will be updated every night, which allows to have a vision of your receivable always valued on the basis of current rates.
    Conversion rates
  • New reports are available in multi-entity platforms → Overdue trend, invoicing, cash receipt and cash forecast. They are in addition to those already existing and provide full visibility at your Group level.
    Multi-entities reports
  • The advanced search now includes a new criteria "Number of days overdue". This allows to define custom searches like → overdue invoice of more than X days.
    New criteria : Number of days late
    With saving the search criteria, you can find every day the result of the given report in a few clicks.

List of last topics in the online help: