News My DSO Manager

My DSO Manager news of November, 15th 2017

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Creation of a multi-criteria advanced search → It's now possible to perform searches mixing items criteria (invoices, credit notes, payments, ...) and clients (client code, collector, payment profile, ...) with muliples controls : « equal » « different of » « start with » « is between » ...
    Advanced search
    This allows you to set up your plarform (collection scenarios, collectors assignment, ...) in a more flexible way and easily make customized reports on items or clients...
  • Data export to ExcelExcel → It's possible in My DSO Manager to perform multiple statements of account exports (for you / for your customers via the interactive page) and reports.
    These data are now formated with the separator (comma « , » or semicolon « ; ») that is definied according to the user language. They open perfectly in ExcelExcel whatever is the default separator set in Windows.
  • Improvement of the triggering criteria of the Alertsadding of the operator « <> » (different of) which will allow you in your alert criteria to exclude certain cases.
    For example, it's possible to define an alert concerning late customers which have not been contacted since X days excluding those for which a payment promise has been entered.