Onboarding mission for an optimal use of My DSO Manager

Checking what has been learned means ensuring that good practices have been assimilated and that each operation is carried out in a performance and optimization approach.

The My DSO Manager team proposes you a 2-days Flash Consulting Audit which takes place on site to ensure optimal use of the Cash collection software">cash collection software by reviewing key points with you. This Consulting service makes sense when you have already used our tool for a few months in order to stay on course.


Why should you choose this option ?


Because during these 2 days you will be able to :

  • Benefit from our knowledge on site
  • Benefit from our concrete and applicable recommendations
  • Benefit from our expertise in order to maximize your experience on My DSO Manager

Multiple ways to improve and optimize your cash collection

  • Managing user profiles efficiently
  • Workflows adapted to your customers portfolio
  • Managing your agendas and your specific actions
  • Optimizing your status updates
  • Improvement of your collection techniques
  • Risk management analysis for optimsation of credit limits

A simple solution to continue one step ahead