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How to use the multi-criteria advanced search

It's possible to do searches mixing items criteria (invoices, credit notes, payments, ...) and clients (client code, collector, payment profiles, ...) with multiples controls (equal, different of, start with, is between, ...).

From the Clients tab, « Search for a Client » or « Search for an Item » → click on the Advance search :

Advance search

The criteria that you would have already completed in the « simple » search are keeped

The multi-criteria advanced search allows you to flexibly perform different operations, for example:

  • to assign collection scenarios to your customers in mass
  • to assign collector or a collegue
  • to easily perform custom reports on items and / or customers
  • to export data to ExcelExcel
  • Advance search

    Advance search

Tipsadd the search page with the desired criteria to your bookmarks in your web browser
Just click on this bookmark to find your selection again

Tips → Once you have completed your search criteria, move from one tab to another (Search for a client / Search for an item) to get either a list of customers or a list of items while keeping the criteria choosen.
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