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How to import your customers contacts details ?

You can import your customer contacts into My DSO Manager.

These are people outside your company who are your contacts for collection. There are usually accountants, purchasers, managers and financial directors.

In My DSO Manager, they are attached to a particular customer and appear in the customer sheet.

When sending an email, the customer account's contacts are proposed as recipients. For automatic reminders, emails are sent to the contact that is identified as Contact for collection.

Data preparation

You must first create a .csv, .xls or .txt file containing information about your contacts.

It is necessary to have at least the following information:

  • customer code
  • contact name
These are the minimum information required in order the contact is created. It is important that the phone number, email address... are indicated to take advantage of advanced features of My DSO Manager.

Import of the « Contacts » file

Go to Admin, section Import / Export your dataLink then select your file to import.
Check the « Contacts » box and click on the « Submit » button.

Upload contacts

Associate the information of your file with the fields of My DSO Manager then click on the button Import.

Upload contacts

Set in your import file who is the Contact for recovery for each customer by adding a column and then filling « 1 » when this is the case. Then associate this information with the 'Contact for collection' field. They will thus be defined as primary contact for the recovery in the customer record.

This setting should be performed for the first import. The following will be automatically integrated by the tool as soon as the format of your file is identical.

Each new import adds new contacts and does not update those already present in the application. Contact changes are made directly in the customer card.
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