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Interview with Nicolas Dumont from Sogetrel

Nicolas Dumont - Credit Manager
Nicolas Dumont
Credit Manager
Could you introduce Sogetrel?
Sogetrel is the leader in telecom solutions (public initiative networks), IP security and digital solutions for the Smart City.

Why did you choose My DSO Manager?
My DSO Manager was already in place when I arrived at Sogetrel. The handling is simple and intuitive. We needed a tool allowing the management of multiple entities. The tool is complete and the possibility to connect it to other services is a real plus. The analysis of payment behaviors helps us to forecast cash receipts. The automatic reminder is a real time saver. Finally, the tool allows to involve all the teams.

What would you say about the support of the My DSO Manager team?
Listening, reactive and advising.

What performance improvements have you seen?
With the scenarios, we can dun all our outstanding receivables. Automatic dunning allows us to free up time to focus on bad payers. The history of comments allows everyone to know what actions are underway.

What do you expect from My DSO Manager in the future?
May the team keep the same dynamism and may the tool continue to evolve.

What would you say to someone considering using My DSO Manager?
Simple and effective!

What are the three strong points of My DSO Manager?
  • The 360° vision of our customer station
  • Connection with external services : chorus, mail, etc
  • Adaptation of scenarios according to the payer profile.