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Your cash at your fingertips with My DSO Manager's predictive tools!

Your cash at your fingertips with My DSO Manager's predictive tools!

First of all, what is predictive cash flow?

It is the ability to tell you what will happen in cash by relying on a variety of techniques, extracting knowledge from your data to provide you with a strong hypothesis of the realization of a future event.

Does My DSO Manager know how to do predictive work?

The answer is "Yes".
My DSO Manager can provide you with cash flow forecasts for 1 month, 2 months or more, or by week. A real-time predictor that gets stronger every day.

How does it work?

3 axes to build a truly reliable cash forecast:
  • Staggering of your payment promises → the qualification of your invoices as payment promises is summarized and positioned on a time scale.
  • The payment behavior of your customers → based on the intelligent payment profiles, My DSO Manager is able to predict the payment behavior of your customers.
  • The time taken to resolve your disputes also enters into the extraction of knowledge from your data to apply an "average time in days" factor to refine the forecast.
Cash forecast report

My DSO Manager brings you online and in real time this essential functionality to be able to manage your receivables and therefore ensure cash performance.

My DSO Manager allows you to track the evolution of your paying profiles over time. Analyze trends to anticipate.

My DSO Manager allows you to filter this predictor for a more detailed analysis by sector, agency, type of client, salesperson, cash-collector, etc.

No longer blindly manage your receivables, open your eyes, and benefit of an essential lever to improve your performance !