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My DSO Manager, the first 100% real-time credit management software available 24/7/365

My DSO Manager, the first 100% real-time credit management software available 24/7/365Does this sound like a detail to you? In reality, real time and full availability make all the difference in many aspects that define the quality of a software:


If My DSO Manager can be implemented in a few weeks, or even days, it is of course thanks to its native flexibility that allows us to adapt to our customers' data wherever they are, but also to the possibility of importing data at any time of the day and getting a real-time output in the software on all actions, reports and indicators.

There is no need to wait until the next day for batches and calculations to run overnight. Everything is done instantaneously, so if adjustments are needed to the interface, they can be made and tested several times during the day. Faster, more efficient and therefore more affordable.

Remember, it is because My DSO Manager is more efficient that it can be less expensive. Quality and cost are inversely proportional in our industry.

Interface between your systems and My DSO Manager

My DSO Manager should be an exact reflection of your customer accounting.

It is therefore particularly relevant to perform several imports per day in order to stick as closely as possible to your accounting. If My DSO Manager allows you to make as many updates as you want each day, it is only because the software is in real time.

Other advantages:

  • If a wrong file has been imported, it is possible to correct it immediately by cancelling the import and importing the right file. No loss of time for the users.
  • No need to set up a labyrinthine system for export customers in other time slots. With My DSO Manager, day and night no longer exist, the solution is available 24 hours a day for users and for the interfaces with your ERP. This is one of the reasons why My DSO Manager is used worldwide without additional complexity.

Solution setup

Do you want to create customer groups, a new reminder scenario, activate a credit limit validation workflow, etc.? Any modification is immediate and usable without delay. Real time allows for fully scalable parameterization and extremely agile software that adapts to your changing practices and needs.

Reports and indicators

Some key credit management indicators exploit historical data: payer profiles, DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), etc. All these indicators are calculated in real time.
For example, on the graph below, the DSO as of several months ago has just been calculated. This makes it possible to obtain the current DSO and past DSO on an unlimited number of perimeters: by customer, customer or part segmentation, salesperson, collection agent, etc.
Report DSO

You have just created a "Strategic Customers" customer group, My DSO Manager displays the DSO history on this perimeter immediately thanks to this retroactive real time calculation.

For large international groups, these are the unique features of My DSO Manager that allow real-time data consolidation at the corporate level. Thus, all international groups using our solution have a native platform that consolidates all their countries/subsidiaries regardless of their time zone, invoicing and reporting currencies, and languages.

Thanks to this system performance which induces a complete continuity and coherence of the software, only two clicks allow to consult the situation of a simple invoice of an entity at the other end of the world from the Corporate consolidated report.
Report Aging Balance

Usability and ergonomics

The 100% real time aspect is above all perceptible by users who appreciate evolving in a fluid, flexible and reactive environment, where other solutions seem rigid and fixed.
Indeed, the latter are obliged to add functional layers and other management rules, which considerably weighs down the user interface.

My DSO Manager focuses on flexibility and agility, which immediately allows you to do what needs to be done and done well.

The quality of the work done is superior, simply because in this demanding activity of customer financial relationship management.

My DSO Manager is the instrument that allows its users to systematically play the right note, even for the most sensitive ears.