David S.
UK Credit Manager
My DSO Manager is a very quick and easy solution to implement, with total flexibility for the collectors. The professional look and feel of the predefined collection actions have improved the Customer responses. We are developing a good cash culture across the business with internal dispute escalations. Additional features are being added regularly and the user experience is always well received.

Julie B.
Group Credit Manager
Very intuitive debt collection software, easy to set up, easy to use, pleasant environment. A team that is always listening and available and has been able to evolve the tool according to needs.

Melissa F.
I recommend this tool to all companies in order to save time in the accounts receivable management and to accelerate cash receipts. It allows to focus on tasks with real added value.

Nicolas J.
Sales administation
Commanders Act
Very easy access product and constantly changing. We were very pleased with the implementation and follow-up. In use, the product and simple and convenient. We even slightly "hijacked" some use in relation to our business and our customer.

Heidi B.
Credit Manager
G4S Holdings Inc.
Very accommodating when we raised queries on MyDSO and has an immediate solution. MyDSO is easy to use and very useful.