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What is the KMI report ?

Available on request for the multi-entities platform, the KMI report (Key Management Indicators) allows you to view at a glance the level of use, the efficiency and the effectiveness of the work carried out in My DSO Manager.

The table

KMI report

In this report, find key indicators such as:


  • The collection efficiency rate indicates the progression of the amount remaining to be recovered over the current month, and is taken from the Payment schedule report for each entity.
  • The qualified overdue rate allows you to examine the efficiency in monitoring the collection situation, and comes from the Status report available in your accounts.
  • The late actions rate as well as the number of manual, automatic and late actions make it possible to assess performance in carrying out the actions to be done.
  • The average time for dispute resolution and the disputes rate highlight the volume of disputes observed in your group. Find the details for each entity in the Disputes report.

Risk management

  • The actual risk in amount and %, in addition to the rate of validated credit limits help to determine the risk level of each of your entities. Take the analysis further with the Risk report available in your multi-entity platform or in each entity.


  • The rate of clients with a collector, contact for collection and collection scenario allow you to ensure that your My DSO Manager accounts are set up correctly, and that there are no « holes in the rack ».
  • EDM and Connectors allow you to quantify the options activated on each of your entities.

Customize the columns to display by clicking on the corresponding button at the top right of the report.

The graphics

Click on the icon next to the indicators to examine their evolution! You can also display the evolution of the other indicators by clicking on them in the legend.

KMI report

The indicators are calculated on the data of the day before, and are logged at the end of each month.

Contact us to activate the KMI report on your multi-entity plateform.
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