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How to manage a payment plan?

It may happen that some of your cash-strapped clients ask you to follow them to facilitate the payment of their bills. The solution generally used is to set up a payment plan.

We will explain how to manage your payment schedule in My DSO Manager in order to have an optimal follow-up avoiding any drift in respect of the commitments.

In case you have a credit insurance, an information must be communicated to your insurer otherwise you can lose your right to compensation.

Step 1 Select the transactions concerned by the payment plan in the statement of account of your customer and click on the « Change status ... » button :

items qualification

Step 2 Then assign a status and add a comment to the items concerned by the payment plan:

qualification des pièces

It is recommended to put a precise comment that reflects the terms of the payment plan. It will be included in the confirmation email sent to your customer.

Step 3 You can send a confirmation by email to your customer :

transactions qualification

qualification des pièces

Sending an email to your client is strongly recommended to manage your schedule with a visible history in My DSO Manager. You can attach a file to your email if needed.

It is also possible to attach the schedule agreement at the customer master level in the Credit and Risk Folder tab.

Step 4 You must define the next step in following your schedule:

For this you need to "create a specific action on the selected items".

qualification des pièces

The specific action will be positioned in your agenda.

Feel free to change the name of your specific action to make it more meaningful and easily identifiable in your collection agenda.

qualification des pièces

As of August 23, ensure that the payment has been received and extend the date of the action on the second deadline (23/09).

qualification des pièces

So you have a control of the running of the schedule agreed and can act if a deadline is not respected.

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