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Why associate a Collector to your clients?

In My DSO Manager the Collector is the person in charge of collection for one or several customers.

You can assign a collector either « customer by customer » form the customer sheet, « in mass » with the help of the customer search, or by the customer data importmore informations here.

This information is available in several places:

  • On the customer sheet
    Customer file Collector

  • On the interactive collection page
    Collector on the interactive collection page

  • It's possible to filter the actions, reports, do searches... by « Collector »
    Sort by Collector

    Filter by Collector

  • In the case of automatic actions, if there is no Collector assigned to the customer account, a red banner appears in the collection tab:
    Banner missing Collector

    My DSO Manager will go up in the hierarchy of the users (credit manager - administrator) to define a sender for the automatic e-mails if no Collector is defined.
    Tips → click on the red banner to get the customers list without Collector, and thus assign a Collector to them.