News My DSO Manager

News My DSO Manager (Tuesday, July 11 2017)

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Order backlog is now included into the total outstanding amount → it's now possible to import the amount of order backlog per customer (orders received not invoiced yet).
    This information is added to the receivables to obtain the total outstanding amount of an account, which is then compared to the credit limit and the insurer's guarantee to determine the residual risk.
    Order backlog
  • Selection of several statuses in the Alerts → alerts can now be triggered by a filter on several status or status types versus one previously.
    This makes possible, for example, to highlight customers in anomaly (excessive delayed payment...) by filtering on several causes of non-payment (litigation, ongoing exchanges with the customer...).
    Several statuses selection
  • Add a global comment in the customer file → you can now add a general comment concerning a customer account (not specific to certain items).
    To do this, edit the customer account by clicking on the small blue pencil and fill in your comment. This is displayed in yellow at the top of the customer file:
    Global comment